The passion for the design and interior design , the desire to create and her sense of aesthetics from an early age determined Susana Guerreiro future.

After starting studying law she quickly changed to pursue her real passion, being interior design.This leading into a degree in Interior Design at Staffordshire University.

In year 2001 she founded her own design studio. From her own studio and showroom she has been since then, designing with accuracy and quality Interior Architecture projects, for both Portuguese and foreigner clients being private and commercial clients.

With an eye for detail and quality, Susana carefully chooses the pieces of furniture, fabrics and materials used, so that each space reflects her clients’ particular lifestyle.

Susana design are characterized by being Contemporary and very elegant. Susana’s projects always come to life as being exclusive, comfortable and creates a quality atmosphere, where everything is worked down to the smallest detail where her projects, coexisting harmoniously.



We have a talented and hard-working team at Susana Guerreiro. We work very closely together on all parts of the design process, from the initial concept and space planning, through to design development, the production of highly detailed drawings and spreadsheets and then purchasing and final installation.

We always maintain a flexible approach, tailored specifically to each individual scheme. We enjoy working on a diverse array of projects of all sizes and budgets including private homes, independent hotels and highly commercial interiors. We have continued to work with many existing clients over the years and have been successful in building strong relationships with new clients.

We like to make each project unique. We listen to our clients, with the aim of producing individual, functional, practical and always beautiful interiors. We may use contemporary or traditional design or often a mixture of the two, paying attention to fully thought-through and detailed design. We thrive on the opportunity to design all elements, ranging from architectural details and then furniture pieces down to the smallest detail of teaspoons.

We believe every part of our projects should be coherent and work together. We therefore like to have involvement not only in the interior design but also, where relevant, in associated architecture, garden landscaping and planting.

We appreciate clients who are a little like ourselves: open-minded and looking for something special. We thrive on hard work but also aim to bring a sense of enjoyment and with our ideas.




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    R. Manuel Teixeira Gomes 949A
    8135-016 Almancil - Portugal


    (+351) 289 392 110 *


    Rua Manuel Teixeira Gomes 949A

    8135-016 Almancil – Portugal


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    +351-289 392 110 *

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